Arrive 15 Minutes

before your flight !

* Free Parking.

 * No long security






























































How it Works is a bona fide agent and representative of you the traveler. We offer a fast, time saving, convenient way to fly, away from the long lines, airline delays and crowded terminals.

Imagine ? Fly directly from Santa Monica to San Jose, Silicon Beach to Silicon Valley, or Oakland to Burbank. Arrive 15 minutes before your flight, free parking and no security lines. Relax and chat for a few minutes with your fellow group of passengers in a private lounge, before being escorted out to the ramp and into your private aircraft.

This website is a platform that connects you with 3 to 6 other people with the same, or similar, travel dates and times as you. The system automatically forms a group of 5 to 7 people, and books travel by private aircraft charter, as your group's agent and representative. Our system walks you through the process step by step from inquiry, options, all the way to booking.

Currently, our specialty is for travel between airports in the Los Angeles area such as Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Burbank, or John Wayne, and airports in the Bay Area such as Oakland and San Jose.

No need to communicate with other passengers on the website, the system walks you through every step from inquiry, options, all the way to booking. Email response time to your request is usually 20 minutes, or less.

Using the form immediately to the right of this text, enter your name, and the names of the people in your existing small group if you have already formed one. Then, enter your departure airport,  destination, travel date and time. Our system will automatically match you up with other travellers requesting the same or similar time, form your group, and email you several options. 

Oh, and if you just want a jet all to yourself, or your own private little group you've already formed, we can do that too. Just enter those details into the form, response time is the same.  : )

We are not a jet charter company, not an airline and we do not operate, own, lease, full time contract with, pre-purchase seats on, pre-purchase charter time with, or rent, any aircraft, or any company that owns and operates aircraft. As your bona fide agent, we search for the right jet charter company to fulfill your request.